Microdermabrasion is the most advanced method of Medical Aesthetics when it comes to skin rejuvenation. It is an effective method which fights skin damage, offering glow and deep hydration. “Microplus” is referring to a perfectly safe, non invasive technique which targets to the removal of the upper layer of the skin, through dead cells’ exfoliation. Via micro-injuries we create on the skin using the microdermabrasion’s head, we achieve blood flow stimulation and rapid cell renewal, while fine lines and pigment spots start to clear out.

“Microplus” is a painless method suitable for all skin types and for every time of the year. It is recommended for every age, since it can improve acne scars and blackheads in youngsters, achieving a deep facial cleanse and a mild exfoliation. In older people, it can soften or prevent fine lines and superficial pigment spots.


Dermax technology is a deep bipolar radiofrequency technology with an emission frequency of 1.2 MHz. It is an ideal method for facial rejuvenation applications.

It is a treatment with zero downtime, effective, safe, non-invasive, and painless. It thermally stimulates the superficial and deeper layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue) through the thermal stimulation of cells, providing immediately visible results from the first session.

More effective! More flexible! More profitable!

The electromagnetic field created by Dermax induces polarity exchange in cells, thus stimulating their bioelectric balance and revitalizing damaged tissue, acting on both superficial and deep layers of the skin. Bipolar radiofrequency emission focuses energy near the electrodes, increasing the tightening capacity and tissue temperature. Cellular oxygenation enhances fluid and nutrient exchange, improving hydration and nourishment, while simultaneously stimulating cellular ATP energy and drainage. Depending on the temperature developed in each protocol, fibroblasts are stimulated, lipolytic action is provided, and blood circulation is increased.

Therapeutic areas of radiofrequency:

Three different applicator heads for comfortable and ergonomic use on the face. Bipolar – Tripolar

Forehead, periocular & perioral area, cheekbones, rhinopharyngeal area, nasolabial folds, neck.



spm face

SPM it is a modern, high-tech device by the German company named WEYERGANS and it is based on the vacuum technique (reverse pressure). With its heads, special massage is done on the skin, which is sucked in and then released. With the vacuum power and the massage technique, SPM achieves spectacular results in body contouring, reduction of local thickness, combating cellulite and tightening of connective tissue.

However, it also applies to the face with excellent results in regenerating fine and loose facial skin. It tightens loose and swollen skin on the face and neck while activating lymphatic and blood circulation. It offers volumetric restoration resulting in a vibrant, relaxing and refreshed face. It also helps to heal the double chin.

For more impressive results it can be combined with treatments such as facial mesotherapy, facial RF, anti-aging treatments and more.



Light Emitting Diode (LED) Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that targets specific non-thermal light to energise cells which triggers a cascade of bio stimulatory responses. It is scientifically proven for a wide range of indications including skin rejuvenation, acne and pigmentation to wound healing, psoriasis and pain relief.

Well evidenced for its regenerative and healing benefits, Phototherapy does not transfer heat or create trauma making it particularly effective to treat problematic and inflammatory conditions. With one of the highest safety profiles, it is pain free treatment without downtime and suitable for all skin types. 

LED Phototherapy is now recognised as an essential skin care treatment due to its versatility and role in the foundation of skin optimisation and good skin health. 


Personalized treatment protocols with new generation peels. Peel, through a deep exfoliation, offers revitalization and glow to the skin, resulting to a clean and healthy face. It is applied in such way, that it exfoliates the upper layers of the skin and speeds up cell renewal.

It is recommended against:
✓ Sun – aged / Aged skin
✓ Pigment and sun spots
✓ Acne scars
✓ Dilated pores
✓ Lipids
✓ Non homogeneous skin texture



Facial cleanse treatment is a must when it comes to facial care. It clears off sebum and environmental pollutants that block skin pores. It is conducted with the vaporizer and cleanses the skin deeply, while removing blackheads and acne scars, so that the face remains clean, fresh and shiny. Facial cleanse is ideal for every skin type and recommended prior to any other facial therapy, for optimum results.


Proper and everyday skin hydration is an extremely important step towards overall beauty and health of our skin. We offer a deep hydration treatment with active moisturizers, vitamins and hyaluronic acid, which help the epidermis regain its natural hydration, leading to a luminous and youthful look.


Acne is among the most common skin diseases and is not a problem concerning only adolescents, but also adults. It occurs when sebaceous glands over-produce sebum, but stress, unhealthy diet, obesity or the use of unsuitable products also play an important role to the appearance of acne.

The lesions that occur (zits, rushes, inflammation) are usually shown in the face, but they can also be spotted on the back or some other place on the body. Except from skin lesions, acne is also able to produce psychological issues. That is why it is very important to have it treated as soon as possible, so that no inelegant scars remain on the skin.

There are several treatments against acne, like deep cleanse, peel protocols, microdermabrasion and also personalized crèmes which are appropriately prescribed according to each person’s needs.


Personalized facial is a treatment based on your skin’s unique needs. We select the active ingredients which your skin is deprived, we create a suitable treatment for you in the salon, and also give you away your own personal cream or serum to continue the treatment at home. That way, you experience an exclusive care that can cover 100% your skin’s needs!


The skin around eye area is four times thinner that the rest of your skin, and therefore more sensitive. All of your fatigue, your joys and sorrows are reflected in your eyes. This leads to wrinkles, black circles and puffiness around the eyes.

It is a specialized treatment for the sensitive area around the eyes. It reduces dark circles, puffiness, while moisturizing and tightening the area and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It restores radiance and elasticity around the eyes, which leaves you with a relaxed and bright look.


A new Radio Frequency (RF) technology based on thermal distribution into the deeper layers of the skin. This way, thermal waves are created, which activate fibroblasts to produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, leading to a slim and tight figure. It is suitable for body and areas of the face with loose skin.