A revolutionary, non invasive, fat loss treatment. The method is based on controlled cooling, where adipocytes are exposed to temperatures as low as -5°C, resulting to their death. The body then discards those fat cells through the lymphatic system. We see immediate and permanent results since the first session, with a total fat loss up to 40% in the application point. For optimum results, we recommend a healthy diet plan and great water consumption.




An innovative treatment, which, through low frequency ultrasounds, creates tiny bubbles inside the lipid tissue. Those gradually get bigger and finally burst, leading to destruction of adipocytes’ cell membranes.

This phenomenon is called “Cavitation” and is a drastic, non invasive method that offers permanent fat loss and cellulite smoothing. It is painless and safe method, with visible results since the first application. It offers a slimmer body, fat loss and stimulates blood flow. For maximum results, we recommend a balanced diet and great water consumption.


Lipo-laser is an innovative, non invasive method of fat destruction and fat removal, also ideal for body sculpture.

By emitting low energy laser, it is able to penetrate into the skin and target at adipocytes through laser pads. Cells’ membranes are triggered, while inside the cells happens a biochemical reaction that releases the fat, which is later casted off though the lymphatic system. This procedure leads to adipocyte shrinking and elimination of local body fat.

It is a totally safe procedure with immediate, obvious results. It can treat any part of the body that shows excess fat. Every treatment lasts about 30 minutes and is recommended one to two times per week. For optimum results we recommend a healthy diet and great water consumption.


rf somatos

A new Radio Frequency (RF) technology based on thermal distribution into the deeper layers of the skin. This way, thermal waves are created, which activate fibroblasts to produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, leading to a slim and tight figure. It is suitable for body and areas of the face with loose skin.


Therapeutic massage that relieves the stress of the day, as well as muscle aches on the back, neck and body. It offers immediate relief, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ideal for athletes.


prenatal massage

Prenatal massage is a special therapeutic massage technique designed to rest and relieve pregnant women of the daily changes that occur in their bodies during pregnancy.

It works therapeutically as it relaxes the body, increases flexibility, mobility, stimulates the skin and reduces headaches, hypertension and anxiety. It relieves sore muscles, fights insomnia and targets to a relaxed mind. Finally, it increases oxytocin levels resulting in easier birth and gives a general feel of well-being.

At Vari Beauty Center, prenatal massage is performed on a lateral position by specialized therapists.




SPM is a revolutionary body contouring method capable of reducing local fat, combating cellulite and tightening the connective tissue. It is a modern, high-tech device by the German company named WEYERGANS and it is based on the vacuum technique (reverse pressure). With its heads, special massage is done on the skin, which is sucked in and then released. With the vacuum power and the massage technique, SPM achieves a triple effect:

  • Lymph flow is triggered and waste metabolic products are removed.
  • Fat cell burning increases, and hyperaemia is created, leading to fat stores’ destruction.
  • Cell metabolism is increased, such as the enzyme activity in fibroblasts. This leads to the empowerment of connective tissue, natural subcutaneous tissue thickening and renewal, and also smoother skin in cases of stretch marks.

The SPM method combats the following:

  • Local fat – cellulite
    Via lymph flow and fat cell destruction, it achieves drastic cellulite and local fat decrease in the tummy, thighs and buttocks.
  • Skin tightening – Skin renewal
    SPM combats loose skin with natural skin care. It tightens loose skin in the inner thighs, buttocks, stomach and breast.

It also has great results, renewing thin and loose face skin, treating double chin, relieving the neck and back.



New method that promises lifted buttocks in the most natural way, without surgery.

An innovative technology through negative pressure lifts the skin. Rhythmic air waves give volume but also compact tissue. This produces new collagen, and the area shows upright and tight. It is a painless and safe method, with visible results from the first session.

The dream of sculptured, upright and curved buttocks become true for every woman.