What is your skin type?

It is a widely known that there are several different skin types and is really important to know which one is ours, in order to understand its needs. Our skin type changes due to some factors, such as age, weather conditions, smoking, stress, medicine and our lifestyle in general.

It is time to know that, according to your skin type, you have to choose the corresponding cream, serum or beauty treatment.

So we decided to categorize skin types as below:


Normal skin is smooth and homogeneous, with neither pores nor imperfections. It’s matte and stays naturally hydrated. This kind of skin does not need any special treatment. Everyday hydration with hydration creams and sunscreen is enough. That way, your skin will remain luminous for long!

For normal skins, we recommend cleansing foam: Micellar Mousse, for morning routine: serum C Pure 15 and Physical Sunscreen SPF30 by MEDIK8. At night use: Night Ritual Vitamin A. When the weather is too hot / cold, use MEDIK8’s serum: Hydr8 B5 with Hyaluronic Acid and Advanced Day Total Protect and for the eye area: Advanced Night Eye.


Mixed skin type is like normal, but tends to be oily on the forehead, nose and chin, aka the “T zone”. This type of skin needs cleanse with skin – friendly products, exfoliation in the oily areas, but also hydration in the drier areas of the face.

For a mixed skin, try Surface Radiance Cleanse, with soft AHAs, leading to a skin that is soft and smooth. In the morning use the Super C30 antioxidant serum and the White Balance Everyday Protect SPF50 cream, as for night use Night Ritual Vitamin and Retinol Eye TR.


Dry skin usually appears thin and dull. It is sensitive when the weather changes, this is why it often gets exfoliated and gives that itchy feel. It needs everyday hydration, with rich creams that target at dryness and hydrate the skin deeply. In the meantime, help your body hydrate from the inside by drinking a big amount of water.

If you have dry skin, cleanse your face with Cream Cleanse by MEDIK8. An ideal day cream is Daily Radiance Vitamin C SPF30 in combination with the Hydr8 B5 serum with Hyaluronic Acid and for your night routine, we recommend a rich in Vitamin A serum, Retinol 3TR with the Advanced Night Restore cream.


Having oily skin means open and closed comedones (whiteheads and blackheads), zits and a constant glowing, with an excessive sebum production. But keep in mind that staying hydrated is very important. Buy corresponding products that bring a balance to your skin’s oiliness and can also tackle acne.

Clarifying Foam is a cleanse foam and has antibacterial action, able to cleanse deeply, but also prevent skin outbreaks. In the morning use the Refining Moisturizer cream for a matte look and Physical Sunscreen SPF30, while at night use the Crystal Retinal 6 serum.


Sensitive skin is thin, easily irritated and reacts to all changes. It appears transparent, pale and has limited if not zero pores. It usually has many fine lines, it’s dry without sebum, and sensitive to many allergies. It gets irritated more often than any other skin type, while it often feels itchy with a burning sensation. It can also be accompanied by other skin reactions, like rosacea, dermatitis, eczema and so on. A sensitive skin needs special treatment, careful steps and –of course- a right choice of cosmetic products.

MEDIK8 has launched a complete series of products for sensitive skin. Cleanse your skin day and night with the soft foam called Calmwise Soothing Cleanser, specially made for sensitive skin. In the morning, use the Calmwise Colour Correct hydrating cream which is against redness, with the Physical Sunscreen and at night use the Ultimate Recovery Intense remedial cream.

If you still have doubts about your own skin type or cannot decide what products to use, do not hesitate to ask us!